Works of Mercy Fund
A. C. R. also has as part of its mission serving the humanitarian needs of the Russian people. Their corporal suffering is immense, and we therefore have begun to help them in whatever way we can.

As a concrete witness of the charity, A. C. R. seeks to alleviate the suffering the Russian people through the bringing of humanitarian aid to Russia. A. C. R. is presently working with the Wheelchairs for the World Foundation to bring up to 3,000 wheelchairs to Russia. As a special project, this spring (2001) A. C. R. and the foundation worked with Vize 97, the charitable foundation of President Vaclav and Mrs. Dagmar Havel , to bring over one hundred new wheelchairs to the people of the Czech Republic. The St. Charles Borromeo House (a hospital in Prague for the indigent) received the delivery on Friday, 16 March.