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A Forgotten Catholic Diocese in Russia?
Catholic World News, 2/13/2002
VATICAN - In the clamor surrounding the establishment of four Catholic dioceses in Russia, one fact has been almost universally overlooked: a Catholic diocese was already established there.
Until February 11, the Holy See officially recognized the Diocese of Vladivostok, covering territory in eastern Siberia. That diocese was established in 1923, under Bishop Karol Slivovski. Although the diocese has not had another ordinary since Bishop Slivovski died in 1933, the official Annuario Pontificio still lists Vladivostok as a diocese; it has never been suppressed.

Vatican officials have indicated that the Vladivostok diocese should now be included within the new Diocese of the Transfiguration in Novosibirsk, under Bishop Joseph Werth. The administrative details involved in the re-drawing of diocesan bounds will presumably be handled in the papal bull that will be promulgated to establish the new dioceses.
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