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Easter salute didn't imply warmer relations, says Alexy II
Zenit, 4/7/2002
Moscow - Remarks to Russian News Agency
Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow says the Easter greetings he sent to John Paul II did not imply a rapprochement with the Catholic Church.

"Easter is a great feast, and the greetings are addressed to all the leaders of Christian Churches throughout the world," the patriarch of All Russias said March 30, according to a report by Itar-Tass.

The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church emphasized that relations with the Vatican have not improved. "We hope the Vatican will take a step in our direction," he said.

Vatican-Orthodox relations deteriorated last February when the Holy Father decided to create four dioceses in Russia. The Moscow Patriarchate saw the decision as evidence of "proselytism."

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